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Layout name Highest score Scored by
television 12810George MoReo LT
temple of aikido 13175Anthony
temple of ninja 11975Benchmark
temple ruins 12499George MoReo LT
tennis 13100George MoReo LT
tent 5520ans 1964
the acropolis 13026Anthony
the almighty dollar 12997George MoReo LT
the big one 25400Joosje
the crane 11839George MoReo LT
the dojo 14400George MoReo LT
the gateway 22195C Van Essche
the great wall of china 0Not Set
the lotus 12929George MoReo LT
the mirror lies 5393George MoReo LT
the pits 13985C Van Essche
the reflection 26283George MoReo LT
the right track 11788George MoReo LT
the two mountains 13057George MoReo LT
the vault 26287George MoReo LT
the windy shrimp 13599George MoReo LT
there and back 13165Mustanger3
thicket 25260Binabik
thin streets 14760George MoReo LT
three boxes 24576C Van Essche
three jewls 13339Benchmark
three kings 12513George MoReo LT
through road 6791Benchmark
tides 11619C Van Essche
tile spider 12394Benchmark
tiled floor 14774George MoReo LT
toitoise power 24049C Van Essche
totum poles 13457George MoReo LT
town square 13031Benchmark
transformer 12120crystal hunter
trapdoors either side 25814Sayuri
trapezium 13720C Van Essche
triangle 14264C Van Essche
tribal markings 5425Benchmark
tribal spiral 13623George MoReo LT
tribal village 14306George MoReo LT
triple trouble 24692C Van Essche
tropical parasols 12993George MoReo LT
truck 18870C Van Essche
trust in me 5562C Van Essche
turtle 5511edi
twin crabs 13217C Van Essche
twin owls 24093George MoReo LT
twist and shout 5408lisa
twisted architect 13877George MoReo LT

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