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Layout name Highest score Scored by
television 11793Anon
temple of aikido 13098anthony
temple of ninja 12634Anon
temple ruins 14055MELODIE
tennis 10793julie
tent 5637Crusader 5th Time
the acropolis 10479Anon
the almighty dollar 10707sophia
the big one 23519Tango
the crane 10939Anon
the dojo 13158Anon
the gateway 22114MELODIE
the great wall of china 12978Anon
the lotus 12312Anon
the mirror lies 5385MELODIE
the pits 13588anthony
the reflection 24327Karen88
the right track 12621Anon
the two mountains 12533anthony
the vault 24496MELODIE
the windy shrimp 11541Anon
there and back 12427Anon
thicket 23887superfetatoire
thin streets 14043MELODIE
three boxes 20677Goddezz2
three jewls 13108Anon
three kings 13605MELODIE
through road 7065MELODIE
tides 11688bella
tile spider 12047Anon
tiled floor 12481Anon
toitoise power 22248von
totum poles 13034Anon
town square 11332Anon
transformer 12744Anon
trapdoors either side 21951von
trapezium 13773Anon
triangle 13422anthony
tribal markings 5395Ronnie II
tribal spiral 13241Ronnie II
tribal village 11972Ronnie II
triple trouble 22659Anon
tropical parasols 13220MELODIE
truck 15909lotti
trust in me 6609Crusader 5th Time
turtle 5622mary
twin crabs 13781MELODIE
twin owls 21757von
twist and shout 5340Anon
twisted architect 13587MELODIE

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