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Layout name Highest score Scored by
television 9646Anon
temple of aikido 10138Melissa
temple of ninja 8588trudy
temple ruins 9665Anon
tennis 12749MELODIE
tent 5324Anon
the acropolis 7968trudy
the almighty dollar 9165Melissa
the big one 19464Anon
the crane 9337trudy
the dojo 11347jet
the gateway 17531trudy
the great wall of china 0Anon
the lotus 8974Anon
the mirror lies 4763Melissa
the pits 9335trudy
the reflection 20046superfetatoire
the right track 8495Melissa
the two mountains 10198Anon
the vault 21052Jane T
the windy shrimp 10895superfetatoire
there and back 12899Anon
thicket 22656superfetatoire
thin streets 9882jet
three boxes 19133cat318
three jewls 12478superfetatoire
three kings 10477superfetatoire
through road 6595Anon
tides 9852superfetatoire
tile spider 11840superfetatoire
tiled floor 12502superfetatoire
toitoise power 21247superfetatoire
totum poles 11515superfetatoire
town square 11802superfetatoire
transformer 10591superfetatoire
trapdoors either side 19732superfetatoire
trapezium 12356superfetatoire
triangle 12074Zeldane
tribal markings 5388MELODIE
tribal spiral 11687superfetatoire
tribal village 11437superfetatoire
triple trouble 19559trudy
tropical parasols 12006superfetatoire
truck 0Anon
trust in me 6101superfetatoire
turtle 5442superfetatoire
twin crabs 10230Anon
twin owls 18222Anon
twist and shout 5288Anon
twisted architect 10149Anon

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