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Layout name Highest score Scored by
television 12016DV8
temple of aikido 12195Anon
temple of ninja 12465George Mo
temple ruins 13559MELODIE
tennis 11238George Mo
tent 5678Anon
the acropolis 13583George Mo
the almighty dollar 13575George Mo
the big one 22936Tango
the crane 13156George Mo
the dojo 13906George Mo
the gateway 19980BRB
the great wall of china 0Anon
the lotus 13213George Mo
the mirror lies 5281Anon
the pits 13403George Mo
the reflection 24674George Mo
the right track 11772BRB
the two mountains 12133BRB
the vault 24688Lulu
the windy shrimp 13443George Mo
there and back 13887George Mo
thicket 25698George Mo
thin streets 13612MELODIE
three boxes 24993George Mo
three jewls 13974Voras G
three kings 11583BRB
through road 7015MELODIE
tides 11373jen
tile spider 12451jen
tiled floor 14008MELODIE
toitoise power 22030jen
totum poles 12645George Mo
town square 14070George Mo
transformer 13135George Mo
trapdoors either side 24071George Mo
trapezium 13897Anon
triangle 13679Lulu
tribal markings 5484George Mo
tribal spiral 13478MELODIE
tribal village 13625George Mo
triple trouble 23773George Mo
tropical parasols 12227jen
truck 13752Anon
trust in me 6586Crusader 5th Time
turtle 5594david
twin crabs 13739George Mo
twin owls 22842jen
twist and shout 5465MELODIE
twisted architect 12363jen

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