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7, davo
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Layout name Highest score Scored by
television 13084tomato
temple of aikido 12269Anthony
temple of ninja 10782Valaree
temple ruins 12810ellen
tennis 12426mic le terrible
tent 5475ans 1964
the acropolis 11576Anthony
the almighty dollar 11620ellen
the big one 25128Joosje
the crane 11957Linda Jane
the dojo 13368Anthony
the gateway 22208Valaree
the great wall of china 18162mic le terrible
the lotus 12394Valaree
the mirror lies 5328George MoReo LT
the pits 14041tomato
the reflection 22386ying
the right track 11355Valaree
the two mountains 12430Anthony
the vault 23099tomato
the windy shrimp 10985Mills
there and back 13100waynec
thicket 23011Anthony
thin streets 12648ying
three boxes 22771Valaree
three jewls 13033Anthony
three kings 12411bohol
through road 7009George MoReo LT
tides 11926Valaree
tile spider 12798lisa
tiled floor 13670Valaree
toitoise power 23740Valaree
totum poles 12700Valaree
town square 12500Nancy
transformer 11557tomato
trapdoors either side 23997Miss X
trapezium 13535Nancy
triangle 12708Anthony
tribal markings 5274George MoReo LT
tribal spiral 11765Linda Jane
tribal village 13193Valaree
triple trouble 22962Anthony
tropical parasols 13205Valaree
truck 16310nani
trust in me 5847giordano
turtle 5486von
twin crabs 13523Valaree
twin owls 22033waynec
twist and shout 5389George MoReo LT
twisted architect 13471Valaree

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