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Layout name Highest score Scored by
television 11716bear
temple of aikido 12843anthony
temple of ninja 12098Val
temple ruins 14032MELODIE
tennis 13559bella
tent 5720Anon
the acropolis 13677anthony
the almighty dollar 11713bear
the big one 24446Tango
the crane 11248bear
the dojo 13722anthony
the gateway 21397MELODIE
the great wall of china 0Anon
the lotus 12229bear
the mirror lies 5445Anon
the pits 13766Timaru
the reflection 23267Linda Jane
the right track 11455bear
the two mountains 12514bear
the vault 24541Lulu
the windy shrimp 12565bear
there and back 13724Anon
thicket 23749bear
thin streets 14319MELODIE
three boxes 21902bear
three jewls 13401anthony
three kings 12759bear
through road 7116MELODIE
tides 11514bear
tile spider 13591bear
tiled floor 13769MELODIE
toitoise power 22438Timaru
totum poles 12149Karen88
town square 12257bear
transformer 11743bear
trapdoors either side 23865bear
trapezium 14460Anon
triangle 13664Lulu
tribal markings 5511Timaru
tribal spiral 11927bear
tribal village 12125Tango
triple trouble 23546Timaru
tropical parasols 13081MELODIE
truck 16280silvia
trust in me 6845Crusader 5th Time
turtle 5553Crusader 5th Time
twin crabs 13537MELODIE
twin owls 21717bear
twist and shout 5223Timaru
twisted architect 13662bear

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