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Layout name Highest score Scored by
half pipe 8416Merle
handywork 9716Anon
hang glider 0Anon
harmonica 4309Anon
hash hash colon 3602Anon
helicopter 9202deb
helipad 10375Anon
helmet 0Anon
hidden couch 18246Anon
hide and seek 18222Anon
hiding places 11088Anon
higilty pigilty 19231Anon
hills and holes 27794Timaru
hole in the heart 8941Anon
home from home 8410Anon
honeycomb 4482Anon
horsey 10219Anon
hour glass 4262Anon
hourglass 8447Anon
how many levels 0Anon
hungry serpent 8242Anon
hypnotise 19808Anon
i love laura 0Anon
igloo mansion 19494deb
imperial showground 9024deb
in the valley 11641Anon
inca mask 4594mike
indian burial ground 8984Anon
industrial 4966Anon
infinity 8613Anon
inner peace 8532deb
interlock 8997deb
interlocking rings 29370Sup123
into the mainframe 18313Anon
inversion 9251Anon
island at sea 1266sigma
isles 5490MELODIE
it came from the deep 8107deb
ivory tower 8831deb
jail bird 8438Anon
japanese bath house 7920Anon
japanese garden 8025deb
jaws 6018sigma
jesters cap 9322Anon
kakuro 7058Anon
key holes 7532Anon
key to my heart 11358Anon
knave 5217MELODIE
knitting pattern 5422MELODIE
krypton 10416Romie

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