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Layout name Highest score Scored by
exotic waves 12484VCS2015
expensive brooch 14737glb
exposion 6677George MoReo LT
extremely hard! 14904glb
eye 6394George MoReo LT
fenced in 12666VCS2015
fighting fish 23372monic
fish and chips 12626lisa
fish bones 22139Terry
fissure 12766Anthony
flat frog 5136Geo62yo
flat terrapin 25500VCS2015
flower bed 12979Anthony
flower box 12491VCS2015
flowers 25673monic
fly away 4231Cheryl
fog horn 13190tomato
forcefield 12954monic
foreboding temple 13505Terry
fortified entrance 24924monic
fortified stronghold 12481VCS2015
fortress wall 12455George MoReo LT
fossil 6318VCS2015
foundations 5515grandadpi
four caskets 22815Terry
four ex 5472monic
four islets 7074Monique
four zero 6703Crusader 4thTime
funky 5949Anthony
galleon at sea 12441VCS2015
game of 2 halves 11645VCS2015
gargoyle 13463VCS2015
geyser 4844monic
giant magnet 13194lisa
giant swirl 21446VCS2015
giant zig zig 12425jet
glass shards 5453Nancy
glasses 13564Anthony
grand opening 5975monic
grassy knoll 24651Terry
grate 8366Crusader 4thTime
great wall of words 11711Anita
greek building 12127VCS2015
greenhouse effect 12805VCS2015
grey matter 23026von
grills 0Not Set
groups of three 5352Gabi
guitar 15423john
half 12116monic
half olympian 5394Anthony

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