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2, jar
3, pam
4, lisa
6, von
7, glb
8, rick
9, Benchmark
10, davo
1, yvan
2, chazz2
3, tota
4, roger
5, brat
6, mary
8, u9
9, Judi
10, carol
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Layout name Highest score Scored by
exotic waves 9933teresa
expensive brooch 14849glb
exposion 6986George MoReo LT
extremely hard! 14522glb
eye 6759colfax, wi
fenced in 12320von
fighting fish 22470Poreghana
fish and chips 9690Nunya
fish bones 24451Valaree
fissure 12663Anthony
flat frog 5217George MoReo LT
flat terrapin 26758colfax, wi
flower bed 13090colfax, wi
flower box 12108crystal hunter
flowers 26615MELODIE
fly away 4929von
fog horn 13998crystal hunter
forcefield 12350colfax, wi
foreboding temple 13091colfax, wi
fortified entrance 23976colfax, wi
fortified stronghold 12213colfax, wi
fortress wall 11822von
fossil 6843George MoReo LT
foundations 5453grandadpi
four caskets 26376colfax, wi
four ex 5537jar
four islets 6780Monique
four zero 6837MELODIE
funky 5783MELODIE
galleon at sea 12778von
game of 2 halves 10813teresa
gargoyle 11188teresa
geyser 4968George MoReo LT
giant magnet 12750crystal hunter
giant swirl 20216Poreghana
giant zig zig 13579MELODIE
glass shards 5423Anthony
glasses 12745Anthony
grand opening 6733George MoReo LT
grassy knoll 27352Poreghana
grate 7716Crusader 4thTime
great wall of words 0Not Set
greek building 12984Poreghana
greenhouse effect 13812MELODIE
grey matter 23240Poreghana
grills 0Not Set
groups of three 5573Gabi
guitar 15908john
half 10101Nunya
half olympian 5282Flo

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