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Layout name Highest score Scored by
exotic waves 8610GIGI
expensive brooch 10201GIGI
exposion 4088GIGI
extremely hard! 9540GIGI
eye 4684coke
fenced in 8921coke
fighting fish 17509Anon
fish and chips 6919coke
fish bones 16747coke
fissure 6589Anon
flat frog 2457Anon
flat terrapin 20487Anon
flower bed 9352grace m
flower box 7264fran
flowers 17755Anon
fly away 3263mike
fog horn 8644slm
forcefield 8120slm
foreboding temple 7574slm
fortified entrance 18627Mic le terrible
fortified stronghold 8539coke
fortress wall 8858Mic le terrible
fossil 3558mike
foundations 3321mike
four caskets 18149deb
four ex 5479MELODIE
four islets 6931Anon
four zero 6967MELODIE
funky 3293deb
galleon at sea 7870deb
game of 2 halves 8911deb
gargoyle 9018deb
geyser 2841slm
giant magnet 9297deb
giant swirl 18191deb
giant zig zig 12277Timaru
glass shards 5006Anon
glasses 9153deb
grand opening 3216coke
grassy knoll 24763Timaru
grate 3173m
great wall of words 0Anon
greek building 10199Anon
greenhouse effect 9288Anon
grey matter 20354deb
grills 0Anon
groups of three 5513Gabi
guitar 15213Anon
half 8726Anon
half olympian 3255Anon

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