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Layout name Highest score Scored by
exotic waves 12099bear
expensive brooch 14198Lulu
exposion 6798MELODIE
extremely hard! 14741Lulu
eye 6667MELODIE
fenced in 12222Val
fighting fish 21090bear
fish and chips 10162fatty
fish bones 24358fatty
fissure 12537anthony
flat frog 5221MELODIE
flat terrapin 26766Lulu
flower bed 12964anthony
flower box 12818wisc G
flowers 26097MELODIE
fly away 4919von
fog horn 13575bear
forcefield 13657fatty
foreboding temple 13278bear
fortified entrance 23890wisc G
fortified stronghold 11882wisc G
fortress wall 11014Linda
fossil 6963MELODIE
foundations 5382MELODIE
four caskets 23690wisc G
four ex 5552MELODIE
four islets 7293Anon
four zero 6780MELODIE
funky 5786anthony
galleon at sea 12944bear
game of 2 halves 12478MELODIE
gargoyle 12439bear
geyser 5138MELODIE
giant magnet 12303DV8
giant swirl 21263bear
giant zig zig 13266MELODIE
glass shards 5452Anon
glasses 13250MELODIE
grand opening 6665MELODIE
grassy knoll 25288wisc G
grate 7948Crusader 5th Time
great wall of words 0Anon
greek building 12891MELODIE
greenhouse effect 13486MELODIE
grey matter 24792wisc G
grills 0Anon
groups of three 5606Anon
guitar 16339Anon
half 11794Anon
half olympian 5268von

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