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Layout name Highest score Scored by
exotic waves 13442Anon
expensive brooch 14681Anon
exposion 6504Anon
extremely hard! 15071Anon
eye 6052Anon
fenced in 12869Anon
fighting fish 21962vic
fish and chips 11576vic
fish bones 23343anthony
fissure 12493Anon
flat frog 4821anthony
flat terrapin 25919anthony
flower bed 13268anthony
flower box 12755vic
flowers 24243vic
fly away 5371Anon
fog horn 14305Anon
forcefield 13373anthony
foreboding temple 12719vic
fortified entrance 23245vic
fortified stronghold 12879Anon
fortress wall 12357Anon
fossil 6226Anon
foundations 5383gp
four caskets 24053Anon
four ex 5475Anon
four islets 6908Anon
four zero 6980Anon
funky 5770anthony
galleon at sea 13524Anon
game of 2 halves 13081Anon
gargoyle 12621Anon
geyser 5271Anon
giant magnet 13119fatty
giant swirl 23011vic
giant zig zig 13624Anon
glass shards 5354Anon
glasses 13176Anon
grand opening 5989vic
grassy knoll 27223Timaru
grate 7533Anon
great wall of words 12523Anon
greek building 12580anthony
greenhouse effect 13137MELODIE
grey matter 24227Farodin
grills 0Anon
groups of three 5545Anon
guitar 17002Anon
half 12741Anon
half olympian 5303anthony

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