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Layout name Highest score Scored by
bridge of dreams 13720Anthony
bridge of fortune 5527Crusader 4thTime
bridge of hope 5304George MoReo LT
bridge over water 12144VCS2015
bridge the gap 13238VCS2015
bright spark 23705VCS2015
broken box 20047crystal hunter
broken path 5367Crusader 4thTime
broken plateau 22069Monique
broken promise 5149George MoReo LT
bullseye 12459VCS2015
bumps 22251yigal
bumpy ride 10458von
bumpy road 14094kanuhura
burger and fries 12306youandi
cactus field 13472Valaree
camp site 23390Anthony
camping in style 24814crystal hunter
canal 5542George MoReo LT
candlesticks 26999MELODIE
castle gates 11953VCS2015
castle window 5394George MoReo LT
catch of the day 13635crystal hunter
cave paintings 5198MELODIE
caves of mystery 4874Crusader 4thTime
centre stage 7043MELODIE
chainmail 12856Anthony
checkered flag 13552crystal hunter
chimney 22793VCS2015
chinese rocket 6160Anthony
christmas - bells 8529MELODIE
christmas - candles 9869MELODIE
christmas - candy canes 5854MELODIE
christmas - presents 6236MELODIE
christmas - pudding 3725yuri
christmas - sleigh 8338Anthony
christmas - snowflakes 3619yuri
christmas - snowman 9360MELODIE
christmas - star 5994SirBobbyTee
christmas - stockings 19486MELODIE
circle of trust 5334George MoReo LT
cityscape 12968Nancy
clock 6632yigal
close the blinds 25320MELODIE
clouds in the sky 24942Miss X
cloudy day 11858VCS2015
clovers 22331VCS2015
coat of arms 6205Crusader 4thTime
complicated 13129Andre
conifers 5461George MoReo LT

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