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Layout name Highest score Scored by
rainy days 12763ellen
raised ironworks 0Not Set
ram 5256Crusader 4thTime
rare orchid 11511Wyld Orchid
recurring pattern 14726MELODIE
reflection 11870ellen
refraction 0Not Set
regal jewellery 7071Poreghana
regal monument 13344Poreghana
remains of athens 24006Poreghana
remains of rome 25303Miss X
rich tapestry 13024Anthony
rock paper scissors 10909Anthony
rocket 0Not Set
rocking chair 10975vikki
roman bath 11104nebula
roman baths 5385jar
rope bridge 4708Anthony
rose 5298Crusader 4thTime
row of pits 14310Anthony
rowing boat 5318Monique
rub the lamp 12246BONNIE
rug 10784Vegeta
runner beans 13983Anthony
safety in numbers 5364MELODIE
scattered rain 5961Crusader 4thTime
sea horse 12794Ann
sea snail 11835Anthony
secret garden 11994Wyld Orchid
shallow 5741bali
shamrock 12653Ann
shattered emerald 13074Nancy
shooting stars 12284Ann
short circuit 5420jar
shrines 14340Monique
siblings 12874Ann
silly face 12266Anthony
simple plan 6096MELODIE
six bones 15061Bonnie
six chambers 12064Ann
six steps 5333GRANNY PI
sleepy 11964Anthony
sleepy hollow 13286Anthony
slippery slope 5494Crusader 4thTime
small jellyfish 5724Anthony
small monument 5961MELODIE
small shapes 13405Anthony
small tomb 14232GRANNY PI
smog 26964MELODIE
snail 11195Ann

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