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Layout name Highest score Scored by
rainy days 13715Anthony
raised ironworks 0Not Set
ram 4934von
rare orchid 12691VCS2015
recurring pattern 13785Valaree
reflection 13020VCS2015
refraction 0Not Set
regal jewellery 6466cherri
regal monument 12907VCS2015
remains of athens 24932Valaree
remains of rome 24275Miss X
rich tapestry 12921VCS2015
rock paper scissors 12453VCS2015
rocket 0Not Set
rocking chair 13327VCS2015
roman bath 11339VCS2015
roman baths 5487duarte
rope bridge 5432George MoReo LT
rose 4174WAWA
row of pits 14307Anthony
rowing boat 4387von
rub the lamp 13780tomato
rug 13318VCS2015
runner beans 14231Valaree
safety in numbers 5501George MoReo LT
scattered rain 4947nani
sea horse 12224VCS2015
sea snail 12552VCS2015
secret garden 12144VCS2015
shallow 6234nani
shamrock 13472Mustanger2
shattered emerald 14248tomato
shooting stars 13037Anthony
short circuit 5408Random
shrines 14072Monique
siblings 12924VCS2015
silly face 12619VCS2015
simple plan 5614George MoReo LT
six bones 13431lo sam zayin
six chambers 12731manu
six steps 5546grandadpi
sleepy 13208VCS2015
sleepy hollow 12819VCS2015
slippery slope 4609mc
small jellyfish 5758Anthony
small monument 5972George MoReo LT
small shapes 13508Anthony
small tomb 14165GRANNY PI
smog 26061Valaree
snail 12588VCS2015

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