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Layout name Highest score Scored by
rainy days 13879George Mo
raised ironworks 0Anon
ram 5435von
rare orchid 12949George Mo
recurring pattern 13853MELODIE
reflection 12500George Mo
refraction 0Anon
regal jewellery 7151Timaru
regal monument 13339Timaru
remains of athens 26497Timaru
remains of rome 25422Val
rich tapestry 11333Anon
rock paper scissors 12322Timaru
rocket 0Anon
rocking chair 13251George Mo
roman bath 13448Timaru
roman baths 5516Anon
rope bridge 5210George Mo
rose 5358david
row of pits 13570Anon
rowing boat 5583Mona
rub the lamp 13531DV8
rug 12007Linda
runner beans 13848George Mo
safety in numbers 5426George Mo
scattered rain 6089Anon
sea horse 12970Val
sea snail 13402George Mo
secret garden 11424Anon
shallow 8131nath
shamrock 12746George Mo
shattered emerald 13796DV8
shooting stars 12678von
short circuit 5474Random
shrines 15267Anon
siblings 13145Val
silly face 11056George Mo
simple plan 6141George Mo
six bones 14525Anon
six chambers 12855George Mo
six steps 5380Timaru
sleepy 10922George Mo
sleepy hollow 13103Anon
slippery slope 5301Wastel
small jellyfish 5686George Mo
small monument 6240MELODIE
small shapes 13630George Mo
small tomb 14018david
smog 27270MELODIE
snail 12550George Mo

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