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Layout name Highest score Scored by
rainy days 13091VCS2015
raised ironworks 0Not Set
ram 4526berie
rare orchid 12606VCS2015
recurring pattern 13432VCS2015
reflection 13446George MoReo LT
refraction 0Not Set
regal jewellery 6933George MoReo LT
regal monument 13025VCS2015
remains of athens 25559Valaree
remains of rome 25891Valaree
rich tapestry 13174VCS2015
rock paper scissors 13532George MoReo LT
rocket 0Not Set
rocking chair 12844Valaree
roman bath 12545George MoReo LT
roman baths 5446George MoReo LT
rope bridge 5343George MoReo LT
rose 5007C Van Essche
row of pits 13846Mustanger2
rowing boat 5544C Van Essche
rub the lamp 13980C Van Essche
rug 12845George MoReo LT
runner beans 13859C Van Essche
safety in numbers 5486George MoReo LT
scattered rain 5505C Van Essche
sea horse 14149George MoReo LT
sea snail 12642George MoReo LT
secret garden 12237George MoReo LT
shallow 8965von
shamrock 13357George MoReo LT
shattered emerald 13511George MoReo LT
shooting stars 13237George MoReo LT
short circuit 5485George MoReo LT
shrines 15993C Van Essche
siblings 12692Valaree
silly face 13345George MoReo LT
simple plan 5974George MoReo LT
six bones 15846C Van Essche
six chambers 13420C Van Essche
six steps 5415George MoReo LT
sleepy 12514George MoReo LT
sleepy hollow 13363George MoReo LT
slippery slope 5180mic le terrible
small jellyfish 5793George MoReo LT
small monument 6165George MoReo LT
small shapes 13578Anthony
small tomb 14526George MoReo LT
smog 26274Miss X
snail 12958C Van Essche

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