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6, Benchmark
7, davo
8, PAT
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10, Kent Woodham
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Layout name Highest score Scored by
snake chasing tail 12485Benchmark
snake eyes 13076George MoReo LT
snake skin 4914mic le terrible
solar system 12808George MoReo LT
solitaire 14543Valaree
solitaire cruise 18266C Van Essche
sonic boom 14365Valaree
sound structure 14507Miss X
space debris 14083Valaree
space station 12903George MoReo LT
spark of life 5330George MoReo LT
sparse 6392George MoReo LT
spell book 13924George MoReo LT
spinning top 22873Valaree
split apart 13578C Van Essche
spot the difference 12798C Van Essche
spy hole 12721Anthony
square beetle 13009Anthony
square snail 13024Nancy
st george 12687Anthony
stadium plans 12780Nancy
staggered newt 23029C Van Essche
staggered stars 5382George MoReo LT
staggered windows 24727C Van Essche
stained glass window 22613Valaree
stairs to the sky 12865C Van Essche
stand tall 16679C Van Essche
star destroyer 12940Valaree
statue remains 12852George MoReo LT
step to the altar 14293Anthony
steps and stairs 12133George MoReo LT
storage room 26709George MoReo LT
straight forward 13996George MoReo LT
strange markings 12169George MoReo LT
strange tools 6661George MoReo LT
stream 12955George MoReo LT
string theory 26053George MoReo LT
stripes 14768BOB
structured 24670George MoReo LT
sudoku 9331C Van Essche
super nova 0Not Set
suspension bridge 25136George MoReo LT
sweeping mejestically 5507George MoReo LT
sweet wrapper 13456Nancy
swirls 26045George MoReo LT
symmetry 13679George MoReo LT
taj mahal 13048George MoReo LT
take the red pill 12970C Van Essche
tapestry 5332George MoReo LT
teeth 25406Nancy

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