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Layout name Highest score Scored by
snake chasing tail 12580George Mo
snake eyes 10756Anon
snake skin 5523Anon
solar system 13463George Mo
solitaire 14342MELODIE
solitaire cruise 12034Anon
sonic boom 12273Anon
sound structure 13718Sup123
space debris 13936Val
space station 12678George Mo
spark of life 5310david
sparse 6943MELODIE
spell book 14452MELODIE
spinning top 22848George Mo
split apart 14373MELODIE
spot the difference 13773Val
spy hole 13412Anon
square beetle 12593DV8
square snail 12741david
st george 12798George Mo
stadium plans 13544George Mo
staggered newt 25740George Mo
staggered stars 5413George Mo
staggered windows 25404George Mo
stained glass window 24707Val
stairs to the sky 12005david
stand tall 15215Anon
star destroyer 12513Timaru
statue remains 13838Timaru
step to the altar 13702George Mo
steps and stairs 12738Timaru
storage room 26827MELODIE
straight forward 14159Timaru
strange markings 13755Timaru
strange tools 6285MELODIE
stream 13279George Mo
string theory 25248MELODIE
stripes 14002Tango
structured 24359MELODIE
sudoku 9280david
super nova 0Anon
suspension bridge 23236Anon
sweeping mejestically 5450david
sweet wrapper 13986George Mo
swirls 24841George Mo
symmetry 13291MELODIE
taj mahal 12600George Mo
take the red pill 12848Anon
tapestry 5308MELODIE
teeth 23311Anon

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