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Layout name Highest score Scored by
snake chasing tail 14160VCS2015
snake eyes 13322VCS2015
snake skin 4263Flo
solar system 13228VCS2015
solitaire 13484Valaree
solitaire cruise 14709nani
sonic boom 12213Valaree
sound structure 14263Miss X
space debris 12920VCS2015
space station 12143Anthony
spark of life 5414George MoReo LT
sparse 6885George MoReo LT
spell book 13301manu
spinning top 24050VCS2015
split apart 13271Valaree
spot the difference 13209VCS2015
spy hole 12642Anthony
square beetle 12538Anthony
square snail 13114Anthony
st george 12885Anthony
stadium plans 11070mari
staggered newt 23376Mustanger3
staggered stars 5044George MoReo LT
staggered windows 22666Valaree
stained glass window 23101ying
stairs to the sky 13764demps
stand tall 15541Monique
star destroyer 11791manu
statue remains 11444manu
step to the altar 13187Anthony
steps and stairs 12480Linda Jane
storage room 24815Valaree
straight forward 13587Anthony
strange markings 12546manu
strange tools 6619George MoReo LT
stream 11979Janie T
string theory 24684Valaree
stripes 14319BOB
structured 24893Valaree
sudoku 8177Flo
super nova 0Not Set
suspension bridge 24094Valaree
sweeping mejestically 5460George MoReo LT
sweet wrapper 13776tomato
swirls 26872Valaree
symmetry 12530George MoReo LT
taj mahal 11255ellen
take the red pill 12275Mustanger3
tapestry 5233George MoReo LT
teeth 23282Anthony

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