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Layout name Highest score Scored by
144 tiles 13245Timaru
2 guns 12320Timaru
4 rings 13363anthony
a crown for the queen 24050Timaru
absract reflection 12442fatty
abstract 6266MELODIE
accordian 6325Timaru
aliens have landed 13734Ronnie II
all seeing eye 12709George Moreo LT
an eye for an eye 14013Ronnie II
anchor 2357mtt
ancient city 12186Timaru
ancient egypt 14613MELODIE
ancient symbols 7074George Moreo LT
angry dragon 13418Timaru
aquaducts 12394Timaru
archways 24108Romie
are they triangles 24441bear
arena 5023von
armchairs 22692Romie
armoured scorpion 5394Timaru
at the zoo 12261bear
axehead 24388Timaru
aztec mask 25488MELODIE
aztec totums 27332kanuhura2
back to back 12957MatthiasF
badge 7821MatthiasF
balloons 7801kanuhura2
bamboo forest 14864kanuhura2
bamboo grove 5575kanuhura2
barnicle 6264mark
bats in the belfry 22222bear
behind bars 24953bear
big ears 5745MELODIE
binary encoded 14439MELODIE
bird of prey 13063Valerie
birds eye view 5326George Moreo LT
blank manuscript 13079nessy
blind rat 13881bear
blob 6851MELODIE
block of test 5407MELODIE
blocks 13577Romie
blocks of life 23223George Moreo LT
bottom of a boat 23534anthony
brain storm 6233George Moreo LT
brain teaser 14689kanuhura2
breach in the wall 12762bear
breaking the habit 23192bear
brick wall 12989BUNNY
bridge end 5419George Moreo LT

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