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Layout name Highest score Scored by
144 tiles 14198DBURN
2 guns 13869DBURN
4 rings 13491DBURN
a crown for the queen 25412DBURN
absract reflection 13542DBURN
abstract 6190George MoReo LT
accordian 6099Anthony
aliens have landed 12999DBURN
all seeing eye 13453DBURN
an eye for an eye 13907DBURN
anchor 0Not Set
ancient city 13196DBURN
ancient egypt 14000DBURN
ancient symbols 7050Daddy
angry dragon 13095DBURN
aquaducts 13520DBURN
archways 24960DBURN
are they triangles 25987DBURN
arena 5326Crusader 4thTime
armchairs 25785DBURN
armoured scorpion 5438George MoReo LT
at the zoo 13205DBURN
axehead 24381VCS2015
aztec mask 23165VCS2015
aztec totums 25640Miss X
back to back 12377kathy
badge 7136Matthias Germany
balloons 7853kanuhura
bamboo forest 14242MELODIE
bamboo grove 5407kanuhura
barnicle 6120Crusader 4thTime
bats in the belfry 22744VCS2015
behind bars 22905Anthony
big ears 5840MELODIE
binary encoded 13695Valaree
bird of prey 13112Daddy
birds eye view 4942Daddy
blank manuscript 13573VCS2015
blind rat 14314tomato
blob 6988George MoReo LT
block of test 5281Anthony
blocks 12014Monique
blocks of life 24124VCS2015
bottom of a boat 23859demps
brain storm 6233Kent Woodham
brain teaser 14515MELODIE
breach in the wall 13545Crusader 4thTime
breaking the habit 21520VCS2015
brick wall 12648VCS2015
bridge end 4966Anthony

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