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Layout name Highest score Scored by
odd building 13290anthony
oddball 11745anthony
off the chart! 12149anthony
office desks 23028Anon
on stage 6157Timaru
open the gate 25885Anon
original 14192Anon
out of place 5652Anon
oval plate 24901Farodin
over the hills 13711anthony
overhang 25097Farodin
owl eyes 10494Anon
oyster mouth 13017BobC
pagoda 1 13272anthony
pagoda 2 12258anthony
palace courtyard 12133anthony
paralellogram 13602Anon
parking spaces 10675Cris DF
patchwork 11393anthony
pattern 5451Anon
paved patio 25523Anon
peking praying mantis 11435anthony
percentage 12245Anon
persian rug 25203Sup123
phoenix 20008Anon
phone frenzy! 11470anthony
pi 12597anthony
picket fence 5786Anon
picture frame 11773Anon
picture this 12000DV8
picturesque 12254anthony
piles of sand 11265anthony
plaque 5468Anon
plateau 16940Anon
platform 4773Anon
platypuses 25916Quevix
point to the arrow 12434anthony
pong 13307Timaru
portal to the darkside 5505Timaru
pot holes 11315Anon
primeval 6675Timaru
primordial 22612DV8
profound 5506Anon
pulse 6109Anon
puzzle box 14259anthony
quarters 13231anthony
quaters 5417Anon
ra 5975Anon
race track 12480anthony
ragged landscape 24165Quevix

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